Next #SheffieldHour Tuesday 5 August 2014 8-9pm


Sheffield Hour is a Twitter hashtag (#SheffieldHour) networking event designed to help promote businesses and organisations in Sheffield, and Sheffield itself. There are many of these Twitter networking hours covering countries, regions, cities and towns enabling businesses to connect and work with one another in these local areas. But something was missing - a Sheffield Hour!

8 o'clock - #SheffieldHour
It is held on the first Tuesday of every month, the first one was held on Tuesday 5 February 2013 - with over 600 tweets during the hour. Summary statistics for each month as well as media coverage are available on the left. It runs for one hour each month between 8-9pm with businesses and organisations tweeting using the hashtag #SheffieldHour within their tweet. For example:

"We are are graphic design company based in Sheffield - see our work at [link] #SheffieldHour"

"Our garden maintenance team has over 14 years of experience - get in touch if you'd like some help to manage your garden #SheffieldHour"

or you could use #Sheffield Hour to ask for recommendations:

"Help #SheffieldHour My tax return is due, can anyone recommend a good accountant in Sheffield?"

Businesses and organisations can then follow back those Twitter accounts that may be relevant or interesting, answer questions, recommend others, retweet others tweets, etc. It's not designed to be a case of following anyone and everyone in Sheffield just to boost one another's Twitter followers, but to help promote other local businesses and organisations within Sheffield.

To see what others are tweeting about using the same hashtag, click on #SheffieldHour in Twitter - but remember to click on the 'All' option otherwise you will just see what Twitter thinks are the most important tweets. As an alternative you could use a free Twitter management system like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck and set up a stream/column specifically for #SheffieldHour and it will update automatically - more information about how to go about this is available on Surviving #YorkshireHour, which uses the same principles.

When: 1st Tuesday of each month, 8-9pm (next one Tues 5 August 2014)

How: Tweet about your Sheffield business or organisation during this period including the hashtag #SheffieldHour

Why: To network with other Sheffield businesses and organisations, to help promote your activities and what you do, and the city itself.